Kayla Eliaza
User Insights Program Manager @ Notion
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Hi everyone, I'm Kayla and I lead User Research at Notion!

Every quarter, my team and I generate a Voice of Customer Report in Notion using Enterpret to build a VoC dashboard to track trends and generate summaries to share out customer insights with our organization. Check out the Notion Template to build your own Voice of Customer Report! Read on to get a snapshot of how we approach our Voice of Customer Reporting.

Our team's quarterly recommendation is to include the following sections to keep your organization aligned around customer insights: 

  • Quarterly Overview
  • Top Feedback Trends
  • Cohort-specific Analysis
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Performance & Quality
  • VoC Next Quarter and Beyond

Q1 Overview

💡 Notion Tip: Provide a high level overview of the report in this section. See a sample below.

All support tickets are tagged with a contact reason identifying the reason(s) the customer reached out to Notion. These are the top reasons by volume of tagged tickets for this Q1.

Definitions for each contact reason, and a description of how the categories are structured, can be found in Customer Contact Reasons & Question Types.

Top Feedback Trends

Breakdown of Feedback by Plan Type

📊 Notion Tip: Start by providing a snapshot of all feedback by Plan Type to provide context for the breakdown of different Plan types. Example below.

Top Reasons

📊 Notion Tip: Provide a visualization of all the top reasons for feedback. Example below.

Summarize Feedback Trends

Notion Tip: If you use Enterpret, you can generate a Summary to get all your feedback summarized. Each Summary will include annotations that are organized by the top themes and link back to original customer feedback so you can dig in easily without having to hunt.  See the example gif for how it works in Enterpret.

Cohort Analysis

👥 Notion Tip: Dig into specific Cohorts of users by filtering your VoC Report to look at a specific set of defined users. This is also a good section to highlight work with your company’s Community or Ambassador team(s)!

Cohort examples:

  • Plan type (Free, Enterprise, etc.)
  • Region (APAC, EMEA, AMER, etc.)
  • Plan Size (SMB, MM, ENT, etc.)

Plan Type

Example: Top Feedback Reasons by Enterprise

📊 Notion Tip: Look at the Top 15 Reasons filtered to different Cohort (Enterprise, Standard, Free, etc.) to provide a quick visualization of the top reasons for feedback. Example below.

💡 Notion Tip: Pull together a couple of insights to highlight and deep dive, along with some snapshots of feedback.

: Include qualitative data with the quantitative; encourage people to talk to your support agents/leads to understand what might not drive a large quantity of tickets but what users are most passionate about.

Insights Deep Dive #1 - Confusion around formulas

  • 15% Enterprise Users reported challenges with filters and formulas. A majority of these look to be caused by a bug from a release in January. The other root cause looks to be a a lack of educational materials and could be an opportunity for more in-app guidance.

Insights Deep Dive #2 - Upgrade questions

  • We saw an uptick of 5% upgrade related inquiries. This looks to be directly related to a pricing change that was introduced at the end of Q4 and mostly impacted our Enterprise users. The pricing squad plans to ship a new update to help direct Enterprise accounts through a better upgrade flow. We’ll continue to monitor this and provide and update next month.

Strategic Initiatives

🔎 Notion Tip: Include some deep dives into the trends that are most important to your business. Some examples here are Login Issues, Billing Trends, and Localization requests

Login Issues

  • Insights Deep Dive Reason #1
  • Insights Deep Dive Reason #2

Billing Trends

  • Insights Deep Dive Reason #1
  • Insights Deep Dive Reason #2

Localization Requests

  • Insights Deep Dive Reason #1
  • Insights Deep Dive Reason #2

Performance & Quality

⏱️ Notion Tip: Reporting on performance and quality is always a must at Notion.

If you’re using Enterpret, filter feedback using the Tracked Keyword.In this summary you can link to other sources of data (VCS or bug tracking reports) to provide a clear picture of issues to close the loop on. Example below.

Throughout Q1, Product Operations shared monthly State of User Issues reports, showing open and recently-closed User Issues — that is, bugs, performance issues, and other unexpected product behavior reported by users and escalated to Engineering via Tasks. Some of the most impactful issues are highlighted below.

  • Insight #1
  • Insight #2
  • Insight #3

VoC next quarter and beyond

💫 Notion Tip: To close out the report we like to share upcoming VoC and customer feedback initiatives to get folks excited about what’s coming next. This also a great opportunity to share resources around how to get more feedback and work with our VoC team.

This report is only one partial glimpse into all the customer feedback data available— check out the resources below, and get excited for what’s coming next.

  • Links to resources
  • Linked to calendars

How to get more customer feedback

  • Link to Hubs with more research projects
  • Link to followSlack research channel
  • CTA to talk to your Research Team partner to commission a study, survey, or research session

What to look forward to

💡 Notion Tip: Highlight upcoming research projects, customer feedback initiatives or company level OKRs tied to customer insights