Get insights on product, features and competitors shared in Grain calls.
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Harness the power of customer voice.

Grain is a great tool for recording your meetings, getting summaries and sharing snippets. Enterpret helps you take extract deeper insights about customer pain shared in calls. Avoid playing and re-playing these call recordings and automate the awareness of the product and competitive insights. It's the best way to understand what your users think of your product, its features, and your competitors.

Enterpret can automatically ingest your call recordings in Grain and then categorize feedback present in them.


  • Build Awareness: With our Grain integration, become more attuned to the voices of your customers. Understand their needs, preferences, and concerns directly from their conversations.
  • Ingestion Blocker: Say goodbye to information overload. With the "Enterpret" keyword tag, only consume the records that matter the most to you, ensuring your focus remains undivided.
  • Streamlined Summarization: Once ingested, feedback is promptly summarized. And just like all feedback in Enterpret, our taxonomy is updated, making sure every piece of feedback is aptly tagged.